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Marlboro Lights now there are are only

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The tears from Marlboro cigarettes

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The tears from Marlboro cigarettes A drop of tears, represents a kind of sorrow.A drop of tear, represents a kind of pain.Tears represents my fragile, but I can't hide the fragile side!A Marlboro cigarette represents a kind of helpless.A Marlboro cigarette, represents a kind of cold.A Marlboro cigarette, represents a cigarettes online kind of lonely.With the cigars-home.com flame lit the first Marlboro cigarette. I kissed Marlboro cigarettes deep, light pours out Marlboro cigarette, kiss into my decadent, spit out my helpless, is too much Marlboro cigarette misty eyes, or eyes can't see clearly already, burning Marlboro cigarettes in the fingers, gently play to ash, "talk" to the memory of my messy, fragmented memories. I kiss the Marlboro cigarette, because I love Marlboro cigarette, I love Marlboro cigarette because, I hate Marlboro cigarettes, I hate Marlboro cigarettes, because it attracted me, Cigarettes Wholesale Online seduced me, kiss Marlboro cigarettes, I'll heartache, I will be sad, I'll be cold. But only Marlboro cigarette will lick the wound for me quietly, quietly to soothe my heartache, only Marlboro cigarettes will let me hallucinations in waking minutes! Burning with warm, I like it, into the cold ashes ended, like in the dream, smell the smell of death, I fear! I am afraid, not die in the dream, but in the dream is so helpless, sad!In this desolate world, the pain let me suffocate! Lonely around my heart. Marlboro cigarettes has burnt out, and I was still in a slump, some say, I am very real, yes, my life is in a page, one page was turned over the ends of the reality and dream! Lament the sorrow of my life!Erosion of the wound, will never heal!Pain!MX20160303